Movie Fixers: The Cloverfield Paradox

The Movie Fixers are BACK with the 2018 Netflix original The Cloverfield Paradox. Ultimately enjoyable, this movie only needed a “patch job” (Tony’s words). If you’ve been on the fence about watching this sequel, maybe this episode will help you decide.

Next episode: Short Circuit

Comment below with your thoughts on The Cloverfield Paradox, the upcoming Short Circuit episode, or a suggestion for a future Movie Fix.

Cocktail Moment: Green Tea Mint Julep

Matt’s here with a new spin on an old summer favorite: a green tea mint julep. He first encountered this recipe from Twinings Tea during Disney’s Flower & Garden Festival and couldn’t wait to make one of his own at the Cocktail Moment bar. It features bourbon, green tea, blackberry puree, lime juice, as well as raspberry and mint syrups.