Always Learning

By: Matt

I like learning things. I always have. Children are naturally curious about the world around them and they want to know how things work and why things are the way they are. I remember when I was ten I read Jurassic Park for the first time. It was a little mature for me, but I loved it; not just for the dinosaurs, but for the lesson in genetics that Crichton sneaks in under the guise of exposition. I went into my 7th grade science class with a head start in understanding genetics and was likely more of a show off about it than I should have been. I like learning and I like sharing the things I’ve learned even more.

We started TSD over two years ago without a clear goal. Tony and I wanted to get back into MAKING something and video is just something we’ve always known how to do. Initially we thought we’d do more of a talk show, called Good Talk. I was going to interview regular people and shine a light on what makes them special. Everyone has a story to tell or a skill to share and I like finding that in people. I still love that idea: being a talk show host for the “every man.” Perhaps one day we will get the chance revisit it. However, Good Talk wasn’t to be, and in an effort to fill the channel with content, we created a few other shows: Cocktail Moment, Jake Bakes, and Let’s Try Something New. If you’re reading this you likely are already familiar with the first two. Good Talk sort of shape shifted into Let’s Try Something New- a show in which myself and one or more other people would do something they’ve never done before. In one episode we rode roller coasters, in another we did a food tour. I truly loved that show but we started focusing on our others that were quickly growing in popularity. That show’s legacy can be seen in Cheat Day- an inadvertent successor to LTSN. Josh tries new things all the time and we get to watch him sweat it out, react to the new challenges, and laugh at all the times when he is learning some crazy new fitness trend.

Early first draft of “Good Talk”

Learning is still a big part of my life. I’m personally learning what works and what doesn’t on our channel- I’m learning how to be better at what we’re doing. Even more so, I’m talking about sharing my love of learning with all of you. I sincerely hope that when you watch Cocktail Moment, or any of our other great shows, you’re learning something new: something about a baking technique or a new, fun liqueur to incorporate into your cocktails. or maybe even your next, new workout experience.

“Learning” sometimes gets a bad rap, treated as a boring activity relegated to stuffy classrooms and lecture halls. The truth is everyone likes to learn, especially when it’s something they care about and it’s presented in an exciting way. That’s what we’ve been trying to do at TSD. We have new projects coming soon and our hope is that you enjoy them as much or more than everything we’ve made to date. We are expanding into more variety, including these editorials. We have new podcasts coming as well as new episodes of the video series you love. Have fun with it. You’ll likely learn something and hopefully have some fun on the way.

Finally, a shout out to one of our most avid followers and supporters, JR Fray, who really gets what I’m saying with this Facebook comment:

“[TSD] is almost a couples help page… you can learn to bake things together, learn to stay in shape together, learn cosplay together, [and] even learn some neat cocktail recipes to relax together. Check em out…”

I’m still that nerdy kid soaking in the knowledge from everywhere I can. I just finished reading Artemis by Andy Weir, a modern day Crichton, and I’m dying to talk someone’s ear off about his incorporation of the physics of welding in the vacuum of space into a narrative thriller. Reading it gave me the same thrill I felt reading Jurassic Park all those years ago. Its a thrill I feel every time we get to do something awesome on TSD that I can’t wait to share with our viewers. And I hope you feel it too.

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