Coming Out Stories: UPDATE

TSD sat down this week with Joey to see how things were going with their newest podcast: Coming Out Stories.

TSD: Joey, now that you’re Midway through the first season, how do you think it’s going?

Joey: The podcast is going great! I feel honored to be able to share these stories with the world. It truly been an honor and a privilege for me.

Has it changed at all since you first started this? 

Joey: Yes. After the first episode we change the way we record and it’s been a noticeable upgrade. I’ve also felt like I’ve come into my own a bit more as a host which feels good. Honestly though, the biggest change has been how I feel about what I’m able to do. I knew it would be important but after recording these interviews and seeing how thankful my guests are after the fact has really impacted me in a special way.

How has the response been? Have people said anything to you or reached out?

Joey: The response has been amazing. People who have listened to it have told me how great they think it is and how it’s inspired them, and people who haven’t had the time to listen yet are genuinely excited to hear it. Even within the TSD crew we’ve all felt like it’s been a great project for us and we’ve already learned a lot.

Any favorite lines from any episodes stand out?

Joey: I’m gonna throw one from each episode because they all have good ones that stood out.

I finally live my life the way I want to live it, I’m finally being happy, I can go out openly and be the real Chase Mosley.”- Chase

This is a way for me to devote part of my life to helping someone else to not deal with what I dealt with, so they do not have to go through the misery I went through.” – Stephen

It’s costs like, zero dollars to just be respectful.” -Nat

So what’s next? Any exciting episodes or guests to look forward to?

We have a special guest that we’re considering for the final episode that will air in the fall which could be interesting and a lot of fun, but I’ll keep that under wraps for now. Also, I’d like to get my mom on possibly for an episode. She hasn’t come out but I think it would be awesome to have a parent’s side of things when it comes to coming out so we’ll see I guess. She’s a little shy which is weird considering she raised me lol.


What has been your favorite so far? Leave a comment below!

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