TSD started in 2016 with two shows: Cocktail Moment and Jake Bakes. Both series are still running alongside new shows like Cheat Day. Check out each series below and find your favorite.


Cocktail Moment

Our first series features Matt showing us how to make all kinds of delicious cocktails, but more often than not just spilling everything. Watch every episode here.


Jake Bakes

Our most popular series follows Jake in the kitchen as he shows off some of his favorite recipes and techniques, both sweet and savory. Warning: this show will make you HUNGRY. Watch every episode here.


Cheat Day

One of our newest series features Josh trying a new, somewhat unconventional way of staying active in every episode. In the end he rewards himself with a different “cheat” mean that isn’t always donuts (but, yeah, it’s sometimes donuts). Watch it all here.

Previous shows that are currently on hiatus are: LARP & Cosplay, Kendall Reads Books (So You Don’t Have To), I’ve Got This, Y’all!, and the TSD Podcast. All of these shows can be watched on YouTube.